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  • Kevin Saunderson praises online studio

    Kevin Saunderson praises online studio

    TTDJs Kevin Saunderson talks about the Bacardi DJ soundstudio and is impressed I became aware of Bacardi DJ soundstudio a while back after those guys helped out at Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival...

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  • Junior Vasquez Interview

    Junior Vasquez Interview

    New York City - Junior Vasquez is not a DJ. True, he mixes records together, produces music, and throws parties for a living. But what he is - in his own mind, to the "tribe" that follows him, and to ...

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  • MTV buys HP servers for ad sales

    MTV buys HP servers for ad sales

    Hewlett-Packard has sold MTV Networks several 16-processor rp8400 Unix servers for managing ad sales, scheduling and billing for several television networks, the companies said Thursday. The servers, ...

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  • Jam Master Jay

    Jam Master Jay

    By now you surely have heard and somewhat processed the sad news regarding the murder of Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay. At presstime, the crime remained unsolved, but its senselessness and impact continue ...

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  • Mixed Live 2nd Session

    Mixed Live 2nd Session

    The mix CD market, in case you as the consumer hadn't noticed, is terribly saturated and has been for a while now. DJs, to their credit, have been tinkering and tweaking with the mix CD formula trying...

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  • Slipknow


    When Slipknot met with producer Rick Rubin to begin work on a follow-up to 2001's Iowa, they'd had two years to write new material. Instead of arriving with notebooks full of songs, however, the nine ...

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