Music Icon Majida El Roumi Performs at the Batroun Festival

There is a woman whose name and voice resonates through Lebanon, Majida El Roumi is a legend in her own right. Her music career started in the early 1970’s when she won the gold medal for best female singer on the famed show Studio El Fan. She appeared on the show at the tender age of 16 and since then Majida El Roumi has become one of the most successful singer in the Arab world. Majida was one of the first modern singers to combine western classical music and Arabic classical music (tarab). Majida El Roumi has put out a number of records, 13 to be exact and has graced the stage many times…although she is a singer who doesn’t tour nor does she perform on a regular basis. When she does announce a show the seats are full of fans, media and of course celebrities such as Pamela Kik, Cyrine Abdelnour and many more, who are all ready to enjoy the lovely soprano voice of icon Majida El Roumi.

Majida El Roumi recently performed an incredible show as part of the Batroun Festival 2012. Enjoy BNL’s photos of the concert below…

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