Tino Favazza and The Oriental Roots Orchestra: Musical Project by Michel Elefteriades

“…operatic Bel-Canto meets Oriental.”

Tino Favazza and The Oriental Roots Orchestra is yet another world première music fusion project by Michel Elefteriades. It is a harmonious, though astonishing blend of Bel-Canto and Oriental rhythms. The great Sicilian Tenor Tino Favazza performs a selection of famous Opera arias, traditional Neapolitan songs and renowned themes from movies and musicals, accompanied by the Oriental Roots Orchestra, which gathers the best instrumentalists of Oriental music in the Arab World.

Cateno (Tino) Favazza is considered as one of today’s best Italian tenors. He was born in Gaggi, Sicily, a small village of the Valle Alcantara near Taormina, a historical center of Sicilian music. From childhood, Tino participated in many musical events: festivities, ceremonies, church concerts, theatre plays, recordings, television shows…. He later on performed in famous festivals around the world and in the most prestigious theatres on the five continents. Tino was awarded many prizes but he mostly cherishes the best tenor award he received from the hands of his fellow Sicilian Maestro Giuseppe Di Stefano. The expert opera singer Maestro Tenor Enrico Facini has personally followed Favazza’s artistic career. In 2007, Tino Favazza met in Belgrade music novelty wiz Michel Elefteriades who proposed to him to be the voice of his new musical project.

Michel Elefteriades, now Emperor Michel I of Nowheristan, is a Greek-Lebanese politician, writer, artist, producer, businessman and former guerilla leader born on June 22nd, 1970 in Beirut. Elefteriades wrote and composed more than 120 songs for international artists and directed over 40 music videos. A pioneer of World Music fusion, Elefteriades is the founder and owner of Elef.Records -that was for years the only label of a Major company (Warner) in the Middle East- for which he has produced over 15 albums, some counting as best-sellers in the Arab world. He also initiated a number of festivals and owns the MusicHall in Beirut among other venues.

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