Brings You the Official Lebanese Top 20 the Combined Year End Chart 2014

OLT20 - Combined Chart - Arabic Year End Chart 2014

It’s that time of the year again! Time for a quick rundown of the year’s most played and steamed songs in Lebanon for the year 2014 (compiled by IPSOS Lebanon)..

What an achievement for the lovely Nancy Aram as she takes pole position this year with “Ma Tegi Hena” a song taken from her Album “#8”. Congrats as well to many other artists including Naji Osta for “Set El Sabaya” at Number 3, Amer Zayan for “Bala Balak” at Number 4, Joseph Atiyeh for “Weilak” at Number 5, Ragheb Alameh for “Ana Esmi Habibak” at Number 7, Haifa Hehbe for “Farhana” at Number 12, Fares Karam for “Lawlak Ya Lebnan” at Number 14, Elissa for “Law” at Number 18, and Yara for “Ya 3ayech Bi 3youni” at Number 19 …

It is worth noting that the OLT20 Year End Chart is purely based on an average between the exact Airplay of songs on the Lebanese Radio Stations and the exact streaming of those songs on Anghami in Lebanon in 2014.

Normal operation will resume next week as we’ll be publishing the 2nd OLT20 Chart of the year 2015 …

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