‘Product of the Year’ Lebanon Unveils the Most Innovative Consumer Products of 2014

POY- Winners group picture

‘Product of the Year’, renowned worldwide across 42 countries and the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, honored this year’s most innovative consumer products, on March 19th, at its 4th annual award ceremony at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut. The gala dinner was attended by hundreds of guests, distinguished business people and media partners.

This year’s winners originated from a wide range of categories; from dairy to pre-cooked food, cleaning to solar system products, and feminine to pet care, to name a few. The awards entailed of 39 main categories of local and international consumer products, and awarded brands for exceptional innovation and excellence in the consumers’ goods sector, based on a survey conducted by IPSOS, the leading global market research company.

Commenting on the occasion, Dory Kfoury, CEO of ‘Product of the Year’, Middle East and North Africa stated that, “We are thrilled to award brands and offer them a World-Class recognized Label which is proven to give an added value to their products and enhance the brand image.”

It pays to innovate. “Investing in innovation sets companies apart in the eyes of consumers and ‘Product of the Year’ provides the opportunity for brands to capitalize on our stamp. We run categories that reflect what is going on in the market and innovation is measured in the way it is understood by consumers,” added Kfoury.

The process of nomination and judging of each product category involves a large representative panel of 1200 consumers from across Lebanon. The study, conducted by IPSOS and based on precise insights, indicates consumers’ patterns and preferences, where they are surveyed on product innovation, usage, satisfaction and purchase intent.

‘Product of the Year’ runs under the purpose to guide consumers to the new products in their market and reward manufacturers and distributors for excellence and innovation. It recognizes products through an independent process and plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the importance of completion among top brands.

The award lineup and winners for 2014 are as follows:


Product Name or Line Name

Company Name

Washing detergent Persil Gel Henkel Lebanon SAL
Deodorant for women Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Unilever
Lebanese coffee Macumba Cafe Rifai Foods SAL
Luncheon Meat Zwan Luncheon Meat (LM) with Olives M.Nassif&Fils SAL
Fresh chicken Hawa Chicken Fresh Chicken & Cuts Hawa Chicken SAL
Sauces and condiments Heinz Ketchup Squeeze Al-Wataniya SAL
Grains Aoun Grains Aoun Food Company – Aoun SARL
Custard Delta Custard, Custard Chocolat Delta Group Co.
Pickles Gardenia Grain D’Or Pickles Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry SARL
Olive oil Boulos Olive Oil Atyab SARL
Canned Sea Food Monarch Sardines Line EAM – Etablissements Antoine Massoud sal
Body Moisturizer Nivea In-Shower Body Lotions Beiersdorf Middle East – SLID SAL
Marinated Chicken Tanmia Fresh Marinated Line in cook-in-bags Tanmia Agricultural Development Co. SAL
Solar System Lösung Heating System Solar Solutions s.a.r.l
Soja Beverages Bjorg Vegetable & Soy Drinks M.Nassif&Fils SAL
Shower Gel Bain Douche 114 Joseph B. Amatourys.a.r.l
Rice Achkar Rice Achkar Plus
Traditional Lebanese food Al Rabih Homos Tahineh& Baba Ghannouj Sonaco SARL
Honey Al Shifa Natural Honey Al-Wataniya SAL
Canned Vegetables Monarch Mushrooms Whole And Pieces EAM – Etablissements Antoine Massoud sal
Non Alcoholic Beer Bavaria – Non Alcoholic Malt Drink M.Nassif&Fils SAL
Tea Lipton Yellow Label Tea Unilever
Seasoning Mama’s Garlic Paste Nutrico Foods SARL
Growing up Milk BlediKid Nutricia DMCC ME
Charcuterie La Piara Olives Mortadella Moussallem Bros SARL
Edible Oil Slim Sunflower, Corn and Canola Oil Pulper SAL
Deodorant for men Axe Deodorant Bodyspray Unilever
Liquid dishwashing detergent Pril Henkel Lebanon SAL
Ice Cream Les Saveurs – BonjusIceCream Lebanon Fruit Juice Co – Bonjus
Pasta Piorelli Pasta line Le Grain SARL
Labneh Center JditaLabneh Center Jdita
Frozen Food Tony’s Food Pastry Al-Wataniya SAL
Jelly Delta Jelly line Delta Group Co.
Eggs Hawa Chicken Fresh Eggs Hawa Chicken SAL
Nuts Nutisal (Trio Kernels, Super Extra, Classic Mix) Al RifaiRoastary SAL
Pet food Royal Canin Dog Breed Health Nutrition M.Nassif&Fils SAL
Spices Gardenia Grain D’Or Spices Jars Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry SARL
Vinegar Boulos Vinegar Atyab SARL
Sweets Monarch Peanut Butter Creamy EAM – Etablissements Antoine Massoud sal
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