Hamra Nightlife is Booming!

is booming! As if you didn’t know that already, but BeirutNightLife.com is here to tell you that Hamra will not soon die. The nightlife hub location, which is adjacent to Beirut’s downtown bordering the American University of Beirut campus to the North, makes Hamra perfect for college students to forget about their homework for a few hours to party and completely wind down. At night the area that is busy with shoppers and business folks during the day transforms into nightlife district complete with a sense of friendship and family. Hamra still attracts large crowds at any hour of the day or night. In the 1960s and 1970s the district was known as the intellectual and cultural hub of Beirut. Today Hamra is still living up to that strong reputation.

Come along with BeirutNightLife.com as we take a nighttime tour of the coolest pubs and hotspots in Hamra. These photos will give you a small taste of the fun that can be had in Hamra….