Top Beirut DJs Let You Know What to Expect for Summer 2012!

Summer is the “it” season in Beirut. It’s season that welcomes countless amounts of tourists as well as gives locals epic events to enjoy, on literally a nightly basis. We have hit mid June, which means high season in Lebanon is upon us.,  your number one website, has been supplying you with all the information you need to make this summer a more than memorable one. Along with our exclusive coverages, event schedules and in depth stories, we wanted to open the portal up to other individuals who have just as much knowledge as we do when it comes to thee Beirut summer that everyone has been talking about. I asked a few beloved DJs in Beirut what partygoers of Lebanon can expect from summer 2012, as well as what they have been doing to prepare…


Mini-B: This young talent is all over the place! He is a name everyone knows being that he has climbed the ladder of entertainment at a very quick pace. You may have heard Mini-B’s set on Lebanon’s Hit Music Only station, NRJ 99.1. Mini-B has shared the stage with names such as Flo Rida, Wiz Khalifa, Chipmunk and more and is also part of an event production company called Vibes Production. With all of this under his belt, I know he knows what is up!

He tells BNL, “Summer 2012 , I CAN’T WAIIIIITTTTTTTT !!!! As you may know, NRJ already announced huge events for this summer. Wiz Khalifa already killed it! Pitbull is next, Within Temptation and the Comedy Factory and the biggest concert of the year the NRJ Music Tour 2012. Trust me it’s the must attend A-Class artist event coming to Lebanon.” And what to expect for summer 2012 he adds, “Huge huge huge huge events and for sure beach/pool parties, rooftops on fire, photographers everywhere covering the hottest events, and the most important thing BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!






DJ Lethal Skillz: DJ Lethal Skillz is one of those true music professionals. LS is not only a DJ but also a producer (of albums and videos) as well as a music tutor. Of course, Lethal Skillz can also set a club on fire! LS strives to reach higher levels in music. He has collaborated or performed along side huge names such as M-1 (Dead Prez), Rob Swift, Pitbull, Missy Eliot, 50 Cent and more. LS quickly fills us in about summer 2012…

I am preparing for another epic summer by polishing my turn tables for non stop long Party Rockin’ this summer!” When asked what is expected for summer 2012 he said, “I think that summer of 2012 is going to make up for the past 6 summers so far. Mos def Lebanon nightlife is going to be on the map making lots of noise.





Dimix: The man with a plan! Dimix does it all…whether it be spinning the best Hip-Hop and R&B sets at renowned clubs in Beirut, opening and closing out epic concerts with international artists, or offering up his flavor on Lebanon’s Hit Music Only NRJ 99.1, Dimix is known to deliver amazingly smooth, perfectly mixed sets. Dimix is all over Lebanon as well as travels the world, his most recent stop being Los Angeles and Las Vegas but there is one thing he simply will not miss and that is a summer in Beirut! He fills us in on all the happenings for this summer 2012…

Literally the hardest question to ask someone in this country is what to expect for summer. Lebanon is so full of surprises! (ironically)… even though we can’t stop worrying (ironically). But really, Summer 2012 is going to be one of the best summers we have seen yet. There are many new clubs, (and ironically for the third time) many tourists, as well as lots of big events. To start (and never end) NRJ 99.1 FM is bringing us Pitbull, The NRJ Music Tour, Within Temptation, Nostalgie Fever and many events to be revealed in the coming weeks (more info During summer 2012 the weekend never ends because on Sundays at Edde Sands the party keeps on going, a their new beach bar that was recently redesigned. This summer is very busy for me as well. I will be opening for Pitbull, will be residing every Friday night at Edde Sands’ themed pool parties (starting the 22nd of june). I will continue with my HipHopIsUp show on NRJ every Saturday at 9pm and will be residing daily at the outstanding outdoor of ”Life Beirut’‘ that is scheduled to open in the month of August. This is the most I can reveal for this summer. The rest is a surprise!! Follow me on twitter @deejaydimix to stay updated with all events happening and become a fan on Love You BeirutNightLife!!”

So there you have it, an exclusive inside look from some of you favorite DJs in Lebanon…Keep it locked on for all Summer 2012 happenings!


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